Your main priorities are network connection and printing. 

Network connection for your laptop

You can register your laptop and connect to the CERN network on a temporary basis for up to four weeks.

    You complete the Web form at:
    Your CERN contact person receives the request for approval.
    Note: by approving the request, your CERN contact person assumes responsibility for you to follow CERN's computer security rules. CERN reserves the right to reject  registration requests.
    You receive confirmation that your CERN contact person has (dis)/approved the request.
    Make sure that up-to-date antivirus software with live updates and applicable security patches are installed on your computer.
    To prevent virus propagation, network access will be blocked for computers found infected or vulnerable.
  • If you have a CERN computer account, you should register in full the computer in CERN's network database:
    This allows us to contact you in case of problems. Registration is mandatory and only registered computers will get network access.

Network access sockets (Portable outlets- RJ45) are available in most offices and conference rooms. They support the DHCP protocol.

Wireless access is available in most conference rooms. Set the network name (SSID) to "CERN".


Go to to see your nearest printer.

Windows You can install a printer via
Linux  lpr -P "Printer Name"
MacOSX You can install a printer via  Colour printing, if available, is automatically configured if you install via this site.


Other information                 

On the CERN sites, Swiss power outlets are used - you may need an adapter.

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