Official travel



As soon as you know of a travel you will have to make on CERN business, you need to fill in the EDH travel request. Once your travel request has been approved by your supervisor and Group Leader, the IT secretariat will mark your absence in EDH and confirm your transport arrangements.

NB: Staff and Fellows are obliged to use e-Travel to book their simple flights for official travel. More information is available here. To add checked-in luggage, click on "Other fares" (below the "Book" button), to have all options visible. Warning: the approval deadline is very short (before 5PM on the same day as the pre-booking). Thank you in advance for filling in your profile (including information regarding the passport) before any booking. 

Public transportation should always be privileged. Please also note that to reach the airport during working hours, the CERN Airport Shuttle should be used.

When travelling to the USA, please remember to take your UNIQA card with you. More information available on the CHIS pages.

If you need a visa to travel to Russia, please follow the admin eGuide procedure.


Assistance before and during an official travel:

CERN has partnered with a specialized travel assistance company, International SOS (ISOS), to provide medical and security assistance to its members of personnel traveling for official purposes. You can find the details of their services and practical information on the corresponding admin eGuide page.





When you return from your trip, you will receive a notification from EDH to confirm your itinerary. Please note that all the questions at the bottom of the form need to be answered carefully: itinerary, meals, hotel nights and other expenses, etc. The IT Secretariat will prepare the reimbursement claim based on your answers.

NB: The same rules apply for lecturers invited by CERN. See "Reimbursement formalities" for additional information.

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