A forum of technical discussions inside the department.


Activities, projects and services that span or affect more than one group inside the department. Avoid duplication of effort across groups. We would not impose any restriction on the maturity of the activity, one of the goals of this meeting being to get early feedback before new services are being designed and deployed. We would also provide the opportunity for long lasting, well established services to provide short status updates.


Two parts, a first one containing short service status summaries, tips of the week, near misses, post-mortem for incidents (selected from C5) affecting more than one group, etc. A second part presenting one (or a couple of) services or activities being started / deployed. Try to keep the whole meeting below one hour.


Reporting to IT management as already set up. Regular follow up with subsequent presentations for services that are being deployed.

Meeting Link

The web site for this meeting series is in Indico ASDF





Any IT member; For the first part of the meeting (see later) speakers would mostly represent a group, for the second part of the meeting speakers would mostly represent a service.


Service managers and in a larger sense anyone building services on top of other IT provided services, experiment IT contacts. Not geared towards end users, the needs of those being covered by ITUM.



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