Organisation & Contacts

IT Dept Organisation (pdf summaries)


Department Head DH Frederic Hemmer
Deputy Department Head DDH Maite Barroso Lopez
Departmental Planning Officer DPO Christian Isnard
Department Administrative Officer DAO Nathalie Del Vicario
Deputy Department Administrative Officer DDAO Joelma Tolomeo
Department Training Officer DTO Michal Kwiatek
WLCG Project Leader LCG Ian Bird
CERN School of Computing Director CSC Sebastian Lopienski
openlab Head -- Alberto Di Meglio
Computer Security Officer CSO Stefan Lueders
Externally Funded Projects EFP Bob Jones
Human Resources Adviser HRA Isabel Pumares Arguelles

HRA 'permanence' is in 31/R-013:
-- Every Monday until 15h30
-- Every Thursday p.m.

T0 Manager -- Helge Meinhard
Department Safety Officer DSO Wayne Salter
CTO & Hardware Resource Manager -- Bernd Panzer-Steindel

Administration & Secretariat

Assistant to Department Head Silke Bachmann
Financial administration Isabelle Droux
IT Secretariat Alexandra Dias
IT Secretariat Florence Moura


IT Communications Officer Melissa Gaillard
IT website manager Catharine Noble
openlab Communications Andrew Robert Purcell


CERN School of Computing Director CSC Sebastian Lopienski
openlab administration Kristina Gunne
openlab Communications Andrew Robert Purcell
openlab Head -- Alberto Di Meglio
WLCG Project Office Catharine Noble


Group Mandate summary
Collaboration, Devices & Applications
Leader: Tim Smith
Deputy: Emmanuel Ormancey
Communication Systems
Leader: Tony Cass
Deputy: Frederic Chapron

Responsible for most communications services in use at the Laboratory.

Compute & Monitoring
Leader: Tim Bell
Deputy: Gavin McCance

Responsible for service delivery and evolution of Compute, Monitoring and Infrastructure tools services for the CERN Tier-0 and WLCG.

The group's activities were described in more detail at the IT Technical Forum in Autumn 2016.

Computing Facilities
Leader: Wayne Salter
Deputy: Olof Barring

Manages and operates the CERN Computer Centre and associated Computing Facilities.

Leader: Eric Grancher
Deputy: Eva Dafonte Perez

The Database Services Group (IT-DB) is responsible for current and future databases and their platform for accelerators, experiments and administrative services. It is also in charge of hosting Java Web applications as well as critical engineering and administration applications at CERN scale. Moreover, the group provides Hadoop and analytics services for CERN and the LHC experiments.

Departmental Infrastructure
Leader: Maite Barroso Lopez
Deputy: Melissa Gaillard

Provides and maintains the administrative and infrastructure support for the IT Department.

Leader: Alberto Pace
Deputy: German Cancio Melia

Ensure a coherent development and operation of storage services at CERN for all aspects of physics data.

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