Learning and Development has always been a strong focus of the IT Department, with IT personnel in its centre. The Department offers many opportunities for learning: through experience on the job, professional networks, books, or structured activities such as e-learning or instructor-led courses.

In addition to technical competencies, behavioural competencies are an important success factor for our work and professional development. As a guide, and as a token of our renewed commitment for learning, two Learning Paths have been introduced in the Department:

  • Expert Path
  • Leadership Path

Depending on our individual situation, we can place ourselves on one or both Learning Paths and – through an informed discussion with our supervisor – consciously plan our development. The overlap between the two paths is intentional: we want our Leaders to remain Experts in their domain and our Experts to be the Leaders of tomorrow. And it all starts with self-leadership.

These Learning Paths are aspirational, subject to the requirements of the job and budgets available. The discussion of our development goals with our supervisors is a necessary first step. 

The IT Department Training Officer maintains IT Learning Paths application guidelines.

Other Learning and Development resources:

For any question, comment or request for advice, you can contact IT-DTO@cern.ch.

IT Department Training Policy

IT training policy is that members of the IT department are offered the training that is required for their work, as dictated by the specifics of their work and as approved by their hierarchy, regardless of their employment status. 

IT Department Training News

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