Your main priorities are network connection and printing. 

Network connection for your laptop

Please connect your device to the “CERN-Visitors” Wi-Fi network.

You should be redirected to the “CERN Visitor Wi-Fi” registration portal. If not automatically redirected (as this is device dependant), open a web browser and you will see the registration portal.

Via this portal, without any registration, you will have access to a limited number of publicly available CERN websites (“Public Links”). To get a full internet access, agree with the CERN computing rules and register for Internet access by providing you email and a mobile phone number to which an access code will be sent by SMS. Once registered, you will be able to access remote web sites (http and https) and some other services (e-mail, VPN, SSH).

Note that this “CERN-Visitor” service is linked with the Wi-Fi Service Enhancement project, and may not be available in all buildings. More details can be found here (

If you have eduroam account provided by your home institute, you can use this network to gain connectivity. To get a full internet access, choose eduroam network, agree with the CERN computing rules and follow displayed instructions.

In some places, CERN-Visitors SSID is not yet available. In such areas (if you don’t have eduroam account provided by your home institute), you can register your laptop and connect to the CERN network on a temporary basis.

    You complete the Web form at:
    Your CERN contact person receives the request for approval.
    Note: by approving the request, your CERN contact person assumes responsibility for you to follow CERN's computer security rules. CERN reserves the right to reject registration requests.
    You receive confirmation that your CERN contact person has (dis)/approved the request.
    Make sure that up-to-date antivirus software with live updates and applicable security patches are installed on your computer.
    To prevent virus propagation, network access will be blocked for computers found infected or vulnerable.
  • If you have a CERN computer account, you should register in full the computer in CERN's network database:
    This allows us to contact you in case of problems. Registration is mandatory and only registered computers will get network access.

Network access sockets (Portable outlets- RJ45) are available in most offices and conference rooms. They support the DHCP protocol.

Wireless access is available in most conference rooms. Set the network name (SSID) to "CERN".

Reminder: Using CERN Wi-Fi network, you have agreed to the CERN computing rules, in particular OC5. CERN implements the measures necessary to ensure compliance.


Go to to see your nearest printer.

WindowsYou can install a printer via

Linux  lpr -P "Printer Name"

MacOSXYou can install a printer via  Colour printing, if available, is automatically configured if you install via this site.


Other information                 

On the CERN sites, Swiss power outlets are used - you may need an adapter.