New Users at CERN

Computing Accounts

When you register as a User you will be automatically assigned a CERN account and an E-Mail address at CERN.

► See this this step-by-step guide to access your new password and activate your account.

Your accounts can be managed at any time at the account management site: 

Note: by default, all e-mails sent by CERN services will be sent to the CERN Mailbox. If you wish to receive e-mails at your external (non-CERN) e-mail address, see the instructions in the Email Options section.

Computing Rules

Please note that you must read the CERN Computing Rules (operational circular no.5)  - your computing access and priviledges will be withdrawn if you flout the Computing Rules.

Connect your device

Please note that you need to FIRST sign your acceptance of the CERN Computing Rules, that you can find here.

You will need to wait at least two hours, and then you can register your device (smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.) at the following link: Register device (link only available when on the CERN network).

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Merci de noter que vous devez D’ABORD signer les règles de sécurité informatique (que vous trouvez ici ) et attendre au moins deux heures avant d’enregistrer votre smartphone, laptop ou tablette avec le lien:
Enregistrer portable (le lien n'est accessible que depuis le réseau CERN).

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Computer Security

Just like any other organization, CERN is permanently under attack - even right now. Attackers seek to:

  • Deface CERN's Web sites;
  • Break into CERN's Web servers or into our computing services;
  • Abuse CERN computing accounts, e.g., sending spam;
  • Find confidential or sensitive information, such as that made accidentally public by CERN users who fail to protect their information properly.

Moreover viruses and worms sneak into the CERN office network - brought in by infected laptops, through malicious emails or Web sites - and then try to spread their infection to other computers. Consequently it's important to be vigilant about security risks, protecting CERN's reputation - and your work.

The availability, integrity and confidentiality of CERN's computing services and the unhindered operation of its accelerators and experiments come down to the combined efforts of the CERN Security Team and you

You, as a CERN user, have to make your contribution to computer security: You are responsible for the security and protection of your computers, the operating systems you run, the application you install, the software you program, the data you own - and the services and systems you manage.

The CERN Computer Security team recommends seven good practices to help keep your devices, your files, and your data secure.

If you need help, have questions, or want to discuss issues around computer security then contact or check out the CERN Computer Security website