External Collaborators

Full CERN account(s) as an "External"

If you need to work with CERN computing resources, but are unlikely that you will ever physicially visit CERN, then you can be registered as an External Collaborator and obtain a CERN computer account.

To register as an External, you will need to either:

  • be associated with an experiment. Contact your Experiment Secretariat for details.
  • be associated with a project. Your project leader will give you the relevant contact name.
  • have some other valid affiliation with CERN, where a CERN-employed contact person can be your guarantor. Contact the relevant Departmental Secretariat for details.

After registration as an External Collaborator ("External"), your account will be automatically created. You can then activate and manage your computer account(s) through the Account Management Portal.


Lightweight accounts

You can also create yourself a Lightweight account. The Lightweight Account consists of your existing email address and a password.

This service allows external users who do not have a regular CERN account to get access to certain CERN applications that are open to external users.

CERN External Accounts only provide limited access to certain applications.  See the Lightweight Accounts Management Portal for more information.


Connection over the Internet

See advice here about how to connect to CERN tools and services over the internet.