Evacuation Procedure

Before an alarm sounds  

Never block the escape routes, i.e. do not leave furniture or boxes, etc. in the corridors or in the entrances/exits to the buildings.

Study the evacuation diagrams in your building!

Make sure you know the quickest way out of the building and an alternative in case your usual route is blocked.

Make sure you know where the assembly point is. The assembly point of B31, 600 and 513 is located on the Meurisier parking going to R2 and the assembly point  of B28 and 585 is located on the parking between B585 and B226.

When you hear the alarm

Stop what you are doing.

Close windows and doors (but don't lock doors).

Don’t use the lift and don’t backtrack.

Leave the building calmly, go to the assembly point and stay there (even if coffee in Restaurant 2 is more attractive).

During an evacuation, certain people (called "Emergency Guides") on each floor will check that people are leaving.

If you know of somebody stuck in an office, please make this known to the fire brigade or to one of the Emergency Guides.

If you see anything of interest during the evacuation, please pass on this information to the relevant TSO

If you discover a fire  

Raise the alarm IMMEDIATELY by calling the Fire Brigade at 74444. If it is safe, try to extinguish the fire.