IT Induction

A half-day in-person session aimed at equipping newcomers with essential information to kickstart their journey in the IT Department, including a dedicated session addressing administrative topics. After the induction, participants receive a survey measuring their satisfaction and gathering feedback.

Takeaways for participants:

  • Connect with other newcomers and meet colleagues across the Department
  • Obtain information about the IT Department, the IT ecosystem and tools
  • Find out about learning opportunities and how to access the training they need
  • Gain an understanding of the Department’s approach to diversity & inclusion
  • Learn about administrative procedures and where to seek help


  • Finding your way: administration (Tanae Montandon, IT Secretariat)
  • Overview of the IT Department (Colleague from IT Communications, Education and Outreach)
  • Common IT architecture and tools (Gavin McCance, Chief IT Architect)
  • Computing in Scientific Research (Alberto Pace, Head of IT Education)
  • Professional development (Paweł Grzywaczewski, Departmental Training Officer (DTO))
  • Diversity & inclusion (Cath Noble, Marina Banjac ad Dominique Norz, IT Diversity & Inclusion Officers (DIOs))
  • Visit to the Data Centre (Oliver Keeble, Deputy Group Leader IT-CD)

Speakers might vary, and additional agenda items could be included in the future. 


  • Monthly or every other month, depending on the number of newcomers, with a break in July/August

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