Welcome to CERN IT Department!

Fostering a sense of belonging and integration for newcomers is important for us. We are here to support you as you settle in.


The CERN Onboarding Program, which includes the to-do checklist, mandatory training etc, can be found at the dedicated Onboarding website.

IT Induction

There is also the IT induction, which complements the CERN-wide induction and provides useful information to kickstart your journey in the IT Department. See menu for more information.

Buddy System

IT also offers a buddy system, which is aimed at facilitating the social integration of the newcomer into their team/section/group. See menu for more information.

Newcomer Lunches

Lunch event for newcomers and other IT members: an opportunity to connect with each other outside of the usual working relationships and across teams/sections/groups. Long-standing colleagues can share their institutional knowledge, offer guidance and provide tips for navigating the CERN IT ecosystem. Fresh perspectives from newcomers can fuel a lively exchange.

Lunch dates can be found on the Newcomer Lunch indico calendar.


For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the IT Talent Manager (Dominique Norz) or Buddy System Coordinator (Zacharias Zacharodimos).