Emergency guides (Serre-Files) in IT Department


Don't endanger your own life, but

  • Wear your Emergency Guide yellow waistcoat
  • Ensure people are leaving the building in an emergency or during an exercise
  • Check smoke doors have closed correctly
  • Note any people who can't or won't leave
  • Be the last person out from your area
  • Inform the TSO and the pompiers at the assembly point about
    • the location of anybody who can't or won't leave the building
    • areas that have been checked
    • areas you are unsure about (perhaps because the relevant emergency guide is not present)
  • If you are an emergency guide from a floor where there is an exit (normally the ground or basement floors)
    • make sure the door you used is guarded so people can't go back in until the building is safe or the exercise has finished. (People may want to go in through stupidity or because exercises are a good opportunity to take things from unguarded offices.)
  • After an exercise, fill in the report form and be prepared to attend the debriefing.

What if?

  • You don't see an emergency guide from the floor(s) above you?
    Ask the last person down if they know of anyone still on that floor. Take the responsibility of informing the pompiers. If necessary, say that you are not sure whether or not anyone is still present.
  • You don't see the emergency guide from the floor(s) below you?
    Ask the last person you see from the floor below if they know of anyone left behind. If necessary, tell the pompiers that you are not sure that everybody has left from that area.



B31 is divided into two halves by the fire doors near the lift:

  1. The western part, including the main stairwell---which is the normal escape route
  2. The eastern part with the lift and the amphitheatre. The normal escape route is via the spiral staircase.

Floor/Normal escape route

Main stairs

Spiral staircase

3rd floor - Sokratis Papadopoulos / Andrzej Nowicki
2nd floor Silke Bachmann Cedric Caffy
1st floor Zhechka Toteva / Giacomo Tenaglia Luca Mascetti
Ground floor Mohssen Souayah / José Carlos Luna Marwan Khelif
  Door at Restaurant 2 end Up the main staircase
Basement Veronique Lefebure / Corine Costaz John Shade / Edoardo Martelli


B600  Alexia Yiannouli


Floor/side Booster Restaurant 2
2nd floor

Tim Smith

Kristina Gunne
1st floor Fabio Trevisani

Maarten Litmaath / Catharine Noble

Ground floor - Jura/B31 Anthony Grossir / Benoit Clement Eric Sallaz
Ground floor - Salève Flavien Pamart tbd
Basement tbd tbd



Floor/side Antimatter Restaurant 2
1st floor Thomas Baron / Ricardo Martins Goncalves / Emmanuel Ormancey Guillaume Metral / Vincent Brillault / Adrian Monnich
Ground floor tbd Andreas Wagner / Berk Balci / Alexandre Lossent