Safety FAQ

Occupational Accident

Like any other incident occupational accidents must be reported with an Incident Declaration but also with a Declaration of Occupational Accident (HS50).
When we fill the HS50 for an accident we shall attach a medical certificate for which a template is provided.
It is not necessary that the doctor uses the CERN template, and a certificate can be issued on the doctor’s letterhead.

But it is important that the certificate mentions the information requested on the template and specially details the body injuries.

These injuries can be bruises or only pains that lead you to consult for a check-up, and maybe hopefully after that you will get away with painkillers.

But please make sure the doctor mentions that in his report.

In some cases, the certificate is not ready, or we forgot to ask for one under the stress. In that case it is important to submit the HS50, even without the certificate, but with a comment that the certificate will be included once we receive it from the doctor.

Remember that:

  • The Incident Declaration does not replace the HS50.

  • Neither the sick leave, nor the Incident Declaration replace the medical certificate.

  • We have 10 working days to submit an HS50 (3 months if we are materially unable to do it within 10 days).

Victim of a material accident

If you are the victim of a material accident with a CERN vehicle, you must complete a "Constat European" in addition to an Incident Declaration.

If you are not responsible and you must be compensated, contact the CERN insurance manager whose name is also in the routing of the Incident Declaration form.

See also the admin e-guide Declaration of Safety Incidents.