Access & bookings

Opening hours

Opening hours for visits:

  • Monday: 10am - 7pm
  • Tuesday to Friday: 8am - 7pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Please note that when a group is in the DCVP, a red light is displayed above the door in the corridor outside to indicate the room is occupied. The red light goes out only when the sensors in the room do not detect any movement for five minutes (ie. after a group has left). A ‘grey’/off light will indicate the room is empty.

Room availability

The availability calendar for the room can be consulted here:

Safety rules for the Data Centre

  • Maximum number of visitors at any one time (including 1 or 2 guides per group) is:
    • 25 in the Data Centre VisitPoint room;
    • 19 in the Gallery and 25 in the Museum;
    • 19 in the Data Centre (VIP visits only)
  • Please see the noise protection regulations if guiding in the Data Centre itself.
  • Visitors must stay together with the guide at all times – no wandering permitted.
  • Access to the DC is only possible with guides (staff) who have followed the correct training and have sufficient access rights on their CERN access cards.
  • Minimum age of visitors:
    • For the DataCentre Visitpoint: 10 years old;
    • For inside the Data Centre: 13 years old, and under 16's must be accompanied by an adult.

Booking the Data Centre Visit Point

In order to use the Data Centre VisitPoint ("DCVP"), you must have:

  1. ADaMS access granted. For non-IT staff, this will require you to attend DCVP training, and you can only access the room on the day of your booking. See Be a Guide for further information.

  2. A room booking.

The DCVP room itself is booked through the Visits Service:

  • Check room availability at
  • Make your request using this form.
    • Please note that the DCVP is not listed in the “visit type”.
    • To indicate the DCVP you should mark the following:
      • for the “visit type” drop-down menu:  “I want to visit multiple or unlisted location” 
      • in the field “Visit schedule and locations” put the comment “DCVP”. This will prevent the Visit Services from proposing multiple locations if they are not required.

If you are a guide, and would like to practise using the room before your tour, you must book the room to do this by following the above procedure. Please note that under no circumstances will you be allowed to enter the room ad hoc.

Booking a visit inside the Data Centre itself (eg.requests for VIPs,Press Office, Protocol Office, arts@CERN, etc):

  • Check room availability at
  • Make your request using this form.
  • For the “visit type” drop-down menu choose:  “I want to visit the computer centre inside only”
    • Note that this will also automatically include a booking of the Data Centre Visit Point.