Get Involved

You can get involved and contribute to Safety in many different ways.

What can I do on my work space on a daily bases?

  • By keeping your work area safe, free of any storage in your office and on evacuation path
  • By reporting any issue or malfunction to your Safety Contacts or by opening a Service Request
  • By adopting a safe and respectful driving on the road regardless of your mode of transport

What about becoming a First Aider?

Our first aiders are usually identified by a green sticker on their doors.

You can also follow the “Life Saving Actions” and the ”Fire Extinguisher” courses available on LMS. These are of general interest at and outside our workspace.

If you are a First Aider (trained at CERN or outside) you can join the IT First Aiders community by subscribing to e-group.

I want to do more

The safety of occupants of each building relies also on a team of Emergency Guides who assist the TSO in the case of an evacuation.

Do not hesitate to talk to your TSO if you are interested in becoming one for your building.