Meeting Catalog

The list below provides details on all current IT meetings for all projects and IT-related entities.

See the Indico link per topic for more information.

For larger IT events such as education programs or seminars, see What's On in IT.

Meeting Scope
IT-Experiment operational coordination meetings

Monthly meetings with ATLAS, CMS, LHCb and AMS/NA62/COMPASS/NTOF/WA105.

Links and Contacts for each experiment meeting can be found at


A forum of technical discussions inside the department.


Mandate: Ensure timely and efficient resolution of Service Incidents - in-depth Post-Mortems may be requested. Upcoming Planned Interventions and Service Changes are reviewed with respect to scheduling.

Attendance: chaired by the Service Management Lead or Technical Delivery and attended by a representative from each TD group plus Business Engagement


Steers the activities related to tools and support for computer aided mechanical engineering and related fields at CERN.

CEPH Project
CERN Computing Colloquium

CERN Computing Colloquia present future trends in computing and information technology that are of broad interest to the physics and computing community at CERN. The colloquia complement the more technical IT Seminars, also organized by the IT Department.
The colloquia are open to all and free of charge. To participate from outside CERN, please contact the colloqium organiser to arrange access.

CNIC Meetings


The CNIC Users Exchange objectives are:
  • Provide a forum to discuss Controls related security aspects incl. the CNIC Security policy and to collect items for future improvements
  • Provide a forum to discuss the CNIC tools, present and help on their usage, discuss their features, answer questions and problems on them, and to collect suggestions for improvements
  • Synchronize the different CNIC tools and coordinate their evolution according to the users needs
  • Follow up with the implementation of the CNIC Security Policy on all TN and ENs, and esp. improve the security on the Technical Network;
  • Raise Awareness on Controls System & Network security and train on incident reporting.
Computer Facilities Capacity Coordination Meeting (CFCCM)

Hardware installation, retirement and configuration co-ordination meeting between operations, procurement. network and IT planning.

Computing Seminars

DPHEP stands for "Data Preservation in HEP" and is an International Collaboration of Institutes, Experiments, Funding agencies and other interested parties to implement the recommendations of the DPHEP study group. These are detailed in the Blueprint document available on the DPHEP website

As with the former study group of the same name, DPHEP reports to ICFA.


Steers the activities related to tools and support for computer aided electronic engineering.


This is the community/IT meeting regarding the use of Drupal at CERN.  See the ENTICE web site for more details.

EOS Project

The HEPiX forum brings together worldwide Information Technology staff, including system administrators, system engineers, and managers from the High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics laboratories and institutes, to foster a learning and sharing experience between sites facing scientific computing and data challenges. Participating sites include BNL, CERN, DESY, FNAL, IN2P3, INFN, JLAB, NIKHEF, RAL, SLAC, TRIUMF and many others. The HEPiX organization was formed in 1991, and its semi-annual meetings are an excellent source of information and sharing for IT experts in scientific computing.

IT Departmental meetings

The IT Departmental meetings occur at the start of every new year. The aim is to bring IT Staff up-to-date with events from the previous year, and look at plans and direction of IT for the coming year.

IT Lightning Talks (ITLT)

IT Lightning Talks (ITLT) are regular sessions of 5-10 short presentations (maximum 5 minutes long) on any topic related to computing technology or to the IT department.

The goal is to have a lightweight, informal and open communication channel, where everyone can share experience, seek advice, propose ideas, find others interested, brainstorm, team-up... and maybe create the next IT revolution!

IT Management Meeting (ITMM)

Review of current and upcoming activities in IT

IT Service Owners

Monthly meeting with IT Service Owners. To discuss strategic aspects of Service Management related to current and upcoming IT Services, the SM processes and their implementation in the Tool.

IT Services Computing Facilities Problem Management

Review and analysis of top 10 events and major incidents on IT services hosted in the computing facilities. Follow-up of recurrent incidents and problems. Discussion with service managers on cross services issues.

IT Technical Forum (ITTF)

A technical meeting for all IT staff reviewing ongoing activities and upcoming projects within the department and elsewhere.

IT Technical Users Meeting (ITUM)

This meeting provides a technical update on IT department services, including ‘heads-up’ information on future plans. It is aimed at technical experts within CERN's Experiments and User Communities. The meeting goals are to:

  • exchange technical information on IT department services and plans
  • understand the impact on users for planned service changes and trends
  • document feedback on topics addressed by the meetings

This is not a decision-making meeting however feedback raised, either at the meeting or directly to the meeting Chair, is passed to IT Management. Where relevant, follow-up discussions will be organised on specific topics, either using existing meeting structures or on an ad-hoc basis. 

Scientific Information Policy Board (SIPB)

Agrees policy and strategic directions for Library and CDS

WLCG Operations Co-ordination

Co-ordinate the WLCG sites for deployment, operations and technical activities.