Governance bodies

Name Mandate More information
IT Innovation Review Board (IRB)

The Innovation Review Meetings are the intra and inter-departmental governance body that establishes, maintains, and reviews the innovation projects jointly engaging IT department services and other CERN departments programmes. Portfolio management is based on the project lifecycle operated by the IT Project Management Office (PMO). The Innovation Review Meetings identify opportunities arising from the ideation meetings, assess whether the portfolio aligns with the IT strategic direction and the user needs, make go/no-go decisions on whether to put forward opportunities for Demand Management Review Board to approve new projects, review on-going projects results, and recommend corrective actions in case of issues with execution and delivery.

IT Project Portfolio Review

The Project Portfolio Review holistically assesses the projects approved by the Demand Management Review Board to ensure they remain aligned with the IT strategy, defined objectives, and planned schedule and budget. It reviews the composition and the performance of the portfolio and takes decisions on whether to continue, rescope or discontinue projects.

See also the IT Project Portfolio Management Office website.

IT Operations Review (OR)

Focuses on the review of the impact operational problems and identifies potential common challenges and opportunities. The meeting agenda will usually include a high-level summary of recent incidents and the review of the implementation status of outstanding preventive actions. It will review significant service level changes and service compliance issues with regard to architecture, security and data policies and may suggest respective reviews. It will further provide a high-level discussion forum for cross group activities and plans.

IT Change and Release Management Board (CRMB)

The Change and Release Management Board assesses the suitability of significant service changes or project releases for production deployment. The CRMB is chaired by the Technical Delivery group and meets regularly, aligned with the Demand Management Review and Architecture Review Board meetings. In exceptional cases board meetings may be organized on demand. More information in the Indico mandate description.

IT Programme of Work (PoW)

The IT department off-site meeting will monitor progress of the department from a strategic level and ensure that objectives are on track. The meeting will review the alignment of IT strategy with CERN’s objectives measuring progress with a focus on whether strategy implementation is on track, where problems are occurring in the implementation, why they’re happening, and what actions will be taken to correct them.

IT Steering Committee (ITSC)

The IT Steering Committee reviews the performance of the department against its objectives to determine the effectiveness of service delivery and innovation. The agenda items include communications from the Organization’s management, major aspects of service operations including incidents and risks. Significant changes in spending against budget are assessed as well as resource allocation that impact services delivery, activities, and projects. The results of projects and activities reaching completion are evaluated.

IT Architecture Review Board (ARB)

The Architecture Review Board is the IT governance body that assesses project compliance with the standard IT technical architecture. In this capacity, the Architecture Review Board reviews how projects integrate with the services, standards and frameworks of the department, ensuring compatibility and cohesion across the environment.

IT Demand Management Review Board (DMRB)

Assess project proposals in order to approve only those proposals that provide clear value to the Organization and can be adequately resourced.