Agreement process in IT


  • Please inform the Department Head by e-mail on agreements that are in the pipeline for their signature. Please do not send agreements to be signed before having briefed them.

  • Please send documents to be signed directly to the Department Head (and not only to their assistant).

  • Please attach the mail exchange where Legal Service confirms that the respective agreement was cleared for signature.

  • Before submitting an agreement for signature, please request a contract reference number for all agreements apart from MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding), using this link. Once obtained, please integrate the reference number in the agreement (first page).

  • Please specify in your e-mail to the Department Head:

    • whether one original is enough that will be scanned and sent out for the external signature as pdf only,

    • or whether two originals should be printed and sent out by paper mail later.

CERN would then get back one fully signed original by paper mail for the archive.

Ideally, if there is no hurry for signing an agreement, it would be better to first obtain the external signature before the internal one.

Contract types

  • KR contracts: agreements generating revenues for CERN

  • KE contracts: agreements generating expenses

  • KM contracts: agreements generating revenues and expenses deriving from the same transaction

  • KN contracts: agreements with no cash flow

  • KC contracts: non disclosure agreements