If you have an accident, please fill in EDH the "Incident Declaration". The Incident Declaration is a base for the analysis, follow up and corrective actions. Late declarations do not allow pertinent analysis. The safety videos may have been purged, the traces/elements/proof on site have been removed/altered and parties may have left.

If the accident in on site or while commuting, please fill also "Declaration of Occupational Accident (HS50)". A missing/incomplete HS50 may be prejudicial to the victim as an occupational accident may be denied this qualification resulting in less insurance coverage which can have important consequences in case of sequel. So, remember to:

  • Link the HS50 to the Incident Declaration of the event.
  • Attach a medical certificate stating your injuries and the accident. You will find a template in the HS50.
  • Submit your HS50 within 10 days. This delay is extended to 3 month if the victim is physically unable to make a declaration.