Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in IT

The IT Department is deeply committed to increase the diversity of its members and to foster equity and inclusion. To achieve these objectives, it strongly supports the "25 by '25" initiative, which touches upon areas such as work-life integration, learning, recruitment, retention, outreach.

Our D&I effort will continue well after the "25 by '25" timeframe, as a sustainable and sustained strategy within the department, and as part of the CERN-wide Diversity & Inclusion Programme.

IT Diversity and Inclusion Officers (DIO's)

Nominated by the Department Head for a part-time role of up to 2 years, we are:

  • Marina Banjac
  • Catharine Noble
  • Dominique Norz


Updates on the 25x25 programme, training, D&I global issues... all members of the IT Department received periodic emails on D&I issues sent from the IT Dep Diversity & Inclusion Notifications channel.


Would you like more information on D&I in the IT Department? Do you have any suggestions or feedback?

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