There are two types of Guide which can use the Data Centre VisitPoint:

  • A CERN official guide, where you are registered with the CERN Visits Service and provide tours as part of their visit itineraries.
  • An IT Internal Guide, registered with IT for visits (eg colleagues, industry etc) which are not part of the CERN Visits service program.

As a CERN or Internal guide, you can lead visits in the Data Centre VisitPoint. Please note that at no point are you permitted to guide within the Data Centre itself.

To be able to use the VisitPoint room, you need to have followed the Data Centre VisitPoint training AND have the appropriate ADaMS access (see below).

CERN Official Guide

To become a CERN official guide, contact the Visitor and Event Operations group. All information is at

Becoming an Official Guide means you can guide at one, or multiple, visitpoints at CERN (after the necessary training). The Official Guides web site provide more information and documents to help guide at the different itineraries.

If you do the DataCentre training, you are considered as able to guide at this single visit site. However you still do need to be registered in Dominique's Official Guides database.

IT Internal Guide

Internal Guides lead visits for (eg.) colleagues, industry etc. outside of the Visits Service tour itineraries. Note that as an IT Internal guide, you may be contacted by the CERN Visit Service or the IT Department's Visitpoint coordinators to accompany a group in the VisitPoint.  

To become an Internal guide for the Visitpoint, you must follow the Data Centre VisitPoint training. Attendance automatically grants you ADaMS access rights to the room.


Training is provided at dedicated sessions throughout the year at the Data Centre VisitPoint.

See for the next scheduled sessions for the Data Centre.

ADaMS Access

IT Staff - your badge grants you permanent access to this visit point.

For all other CERN members of personnel, access to the room will only be granted AFTER you have followed the training. You must therefore ensure that you have signed the attendance sheet during the training, otherwise your name will not be included.

Note that this does not permit you to enter the room whenever you wish; this only allows you to enter the room on the day when you are listed as a guide for a specific tour. Your card will be automatically authorised by the CC Operator on the day of your tour to open the room.