Communication Systems


The IT-CS group is responsible for all communication services in use at the laboratory (except very few specific setups like experiments DAQs). This includes networks and communication for data, voice and video. In order to support the different services, the group operates a large campus IP/Ethernet network installation, which reaches out to every building on the CERN sites. The campus network is connected to the Internet, and it also interconnects with high capacity links to collaborating institutes. We operate today more than 50'000 ethernet connections.

The group is also operating the fixed-wire telephone system (12'000 phones), the GSM mobile phone system (6'000 mobiles) and a radio system for the emergency services. In addition, the group operates a few legacy on-site video and voice distribution systems for dedicated services which will soon be deprecated.

At this time, the group strives to reduce the diversity of the installation and bring the wired  and wireless services on to the ubiquitous IP/Ethernet platform.



Section/unit/leader Description


Leader: David Gutierrez Rueda

This section is responsible for Network Communication Engineering, provisioning and configuration  (LAN, WAN, HPC networking, and network services like DNS, DHCP)

Communication Tools


Leader: Marwan Khelif

This section is responsible for providing all the necessary software tools for a proper and effective operation and configuration of all the services provided by the group (networks and telecoms).

Telecoms & Radio


Leader: German Cancio

This section is responsible for the engineering, provisioning and configuration of telecom services (fixed-line phone service, mobile phone service and TETRA radio communication service) :

Deployment & Operations


Leader: Aurelie Pascal

This section is in charge of the deployment of network and telecom solutions (new installations, new buildings, wireless deployment, Experiment networks)