Computer Donations

Since 2012, CERN has regularly donated computing equipment that no longer meets its highly specific requirements on efficiency but is still more than adequate for less exacting environments.

Servers and network switches have been donated by CERN to countries and international organisations, such as Algeria, Ecuador, the SESAME laboratory in Jordan, Nepal and Palestine.

If you are interested in acquiring our decommissioned equipment, please see below.


If you are a requestor (eg institute, university, school etc) please refer to our Donations Procedure for Future Beneficiaries.

This provides an outline of the procedure, and as well as obligations on the requestor. Please read through this to ensure you fully understand what is required and are happy to proceed.


If you have any questions or require any clarification - whether as a general enquiry, a requestor, a future beneficiary, or as a past recipient - please contact us on Computing-Equipment-Donations


Currently in progress - Q1 2024

  • 3 procedures in progress
  • 4 expressions of interest

Past donations


RACKS Press release
17 2022 January Lebanon 144 CPU, 24 disk CERN computer servers set sail for Lebanon
16 2021 February Ghana 104 5 Donation of CERN computing equipment to Ghana
15 2020 June Egypt 117 Donation of CERN computing equipment to Egypt
14 2019 May Palestine 56 Donation of CERN computing equipment to Palestine
13 2018 July Nepal 200 12 CERN donates computer equipment to Nepal
12 2017 September Jordan (SESAME) 56 Servers to SESAME
11 2017 February Algeria Computing equipment donation to Algeria
10 2016 December Ecuador 72 2  2 CERN donates computing equipment to Ecuador
9 2015 September Mexico 24  26 CERN servers go to Mexico
8 2015 March Pakistan 224 30   Donation of CERN computing equipment to Pakistan
7 2014 June Senegal around 100  5 CERN computing equipment for Senegal
6 2014 February Philippines 50 4 Donation to the Philippines
5 2013 October Egypt 196 10   Egypt receives computers from CERN
4 2012 November Serbia 130 Objectif Serbie: une seconde vie pour les serveurs du CERN
3 2012 Bulgaria 58
2 2012 September Ghana 220 30   CERN servers donated to Ghana
1 2012 March Morocco 161