CRSG Secretary

Contact person
Simone Campana

We invite expressions of interest for the vacant role of the scientific secretary of the Computing Resources Scrutiny Group (C-RSG). The group reports to the Resource Review Boards (RRBs). Its mandate and function is described in Annex 9 of the WLCG Memorandum of Understanding.

C-RSG conducts two scrutiny rounds per year lasting about 6…7 weeks each. During these periods you should expect to spend between 10% and 20% of a person working full time; outside these periods the effort is negligible.

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  • In collaboration with the C-RSG chair, prepare the meetings: draft an agenda in Indico, arrange for the videoconference, send an invitation e-mail, handle apologies; reserve physical meeting rooms for any in-person meetings (typically one closed one and one each between experiment representatives and C-RSG referees per round; administrative support may be available)
  • Take notes during the meeting and provide minutes
  • Handle the interaction with the experiments: Inform them about key dates for the next round, receive and re-distribute the experiments’ submissions, arrange for the in-person meetings
  • Act as owner of the gitlab project for the C-RSG report to the RRB: For each round, provide a template for the forthcoming report
  • Maintain the group’s document repository (mostly with internal material such as minutes of meetings, experiment submissions, C-RSG reports and RRB presentations)
  • Maintain spreadsheets used for tracking and report compilation
  • Participate in proof-reading and final editing of the report to the RRB
  • At the beginning of a scrutiny round, provide a draft planning for the following round taking into account the RRB dates, events relevant to participants (such as those listed in the HSF community calendar), and public (including religious) holidays in countries concerned

Current role holder(s)

There is currently no-one occupying this post.