Ideation Review Board Secretary

Contact person
Alberto Di Meglio

One secretary is appointed for the Ideation Board, the IT Department body responsible to collect and assess initial ideas and proposals for innovative activities, support the organisation of ideation events (brainstorms, hackathons, prototyping, workshops, etc.), follow up and support promising ideas, identify the ideas worth investing as future innovation projects, liaise with similar initiatives across CERN. The Ideation Board Secretary reports to the Chair of the Ideation Board for the time they dedicate to the function.

  • Collect and systematically organise information about sources of ideation (events, talks, hackathons, etc.) and provide transparent paths into the innovation process
  • Liaise with proposers and event organisers to align the opportunities to the innovation roadmap and the IT objectives
  • Identify, contact, and collect input from experts across IT and other CERN units as required to follow up on ideas and opportunities
  • Support proposers in the formalisation of new ideas into the initial Purpose-Scope-Objective (POS) document as the starting point for the Innovation process
  • Time: between 10% and 20% as a Connector. The appointments are for 2 years.
  • Defines with the Ideation Board Chair the content and organisation of the quarterly Board Meetings
  • Engages with proposers in identifying and collecting information for new proposals and the possible discussion channels
  • Take part with the Ideation Board in the initial technical assessment of ideas and their contribution to the Innovation roadmap
  • Engages with other Innovation Leads and other CERN initiative to align activities and initiatives holistically across the different ideation programmes in the organisation

Current role holder(s)

There is currently no-one occupying this post.