ITUM Secretary

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Simone Campana, Xavier Espinal
  • ITUM provides a technical update on IT department services, including ‘heads-up’ information on future plans and is aimed at technical experts within CERN's Experiments and User Communities.
  • Exchange technical information on IT department services and plans
  • Understand the impact on users for planned service changes and trends
  • Ensure strategic IT technical information reaches the ITUM communities
  • Identify in advance potential issues at an early stage and escalate to ensure follow-up, mitigation and fixing
  • ITUM Meeting Frequency: 3 meetings per year
  • Time: 10% FTE as a Connector as a chair, 10% FTE as a Connector as a secretary. The appointments are for 2 years.
  • Maintain a good level of understanding of IT Activities and Services
  • Get experience with the stakeholders and functions of IT Department and gain awareness of global IT needs for the broad CERN Experiments community
  • Take the notes of the meetings, keep an action list up to date. Ensure the notes and the action lists are stored and distributed in a timely manner shortly after the meeting.
  • Agree on the meeting dates and venues. Reserve rooms, setup video conferencing (if needed), and help the chair in handling INDICO
  • Assistance to the chair:  tasks and follow-up actions might be delegated to secretaries
  • Strong interpersonal skills. In particular:
    • Listening, empathy, tact and diplomacy
    • Build relationships based on trust and respect
    • Handle/defuse potentially conflicting situations
  • Ability to see beyond the surface of a problem to the root cause (technical or human)
  • Ability to succinctly summarise problems
  • Ability to identify further engagement opportunities, thinking out of the box and building from candidate technical expertise(s)

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There is currently no-one occupying this post.