The page What goes Where and the list of Knowledge Base articles on Recycling / Waste (need to be signed in) are the source of information on how to recycle and dispose of various type of material at CERN.

Shared Storage Space

To free Office space, a central controlled storage space is available to store and share computing items that are in working condition (e.g. screen, keyboard, PCs) but that aren't used at a given moment in time.

If you need to access the storage (to store or borrow material), please contact the DSM.

I am leaving CERN and would like to purchase my laptop. Can I?

Only computing material older than 5 years old may be purchased, subject to the department need. Otherwise it should be given to the IT computing pool mentioned above.

In order to purchase your (>5 years) old material, please refer to the Sale and recuperation of CERN property admin e-guide procedure and contact Valentina Clavel.

How do I dispose of my furniture?

Keep them in your office. Do not dispose of unwanted furniture in the corridors.

If it is in working condition, please contact the DSM in case we have a need for it.

Then you can offer it in the IT Off-Topic Mattermost channel, to be collected from your office.

Last, you can ship it to B133 for recycling and reuse by filling a EDH SIT form (one SIT per location):

  • Fill one SIT document per pickup location
  • Nature: Furniture Transport
  • From: the location where all the items are (groups the items together)
  • To: 133 Storage Hall Meyrin
  • Recipient: Jean-Francois Ecarnot
  • Add one Item entry per type of item
  • As comment indicate if the item is in working condition or not, or if the computer disk needs to be cleaned
  • The dimensions are approximate
  • The Total Amount for this purpose is 1 CHF
  • To avoid mistakes add a photo of the items to be collected
  • If you are sending a computing equipment (PCs, servers, screens), please inform Valentina Clavel in order to keep the inventory up to date

Once your SIT document submitted, print the request and tape it on the items.