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Internal Mobility

Windows DevOps Engineer (IT-CDA-AD)

There are 10000 managed Windows end-user devices at CERN. 8500 of them are centrally-managed by the Applications & Devices Section, some using security-hardened configurations. 1500 are managed locally by engineers in CERN Experiments and control systems. In addition, an estimated number of 2000 Windows devices are self-managed individually by their users.

In the future, the number of strongly-managed devices will decrease and support for self-managed devices will expand. In line with this, Applications & Devices Section is currently developing CERN Appstore, which will combine a web-based catalogue of recommended applications with a community-supported package manager such as Chocolatey and a reporting capability.

As Windows DevOps Engineer, you will:

  • Share responsibility for the centrally-managed Windows device park: its stability, security and evolution,
  • Provide configurations for and advise local administrators,
  • Develop and communicate strategy for end-user device support,
  • Leverage CERN Appstore for users of self-managed devices, drive its evolution and promote adoption,
  • Manage Windows OS lifecycle,
  • Manage application lifecycle for commercial applications (analyse use cases, identify tools, automate installation, provide user support, manage migrations and decommissioning),
  • Develop Windows Toolkit for self-service administration of the Windows park.

The required experience for this post is:

  • Knowledge of programming techniques and languages: C#, PowerShell, Node.js, React, PostgreSQL.
  • Administration of computing systems: Windows
  • Knowledge of operating systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux;
  • Knowledge of system configuration tools: SCCM, Intune, Puppet or Ansible
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10 Aug 2020