1 New Internal Mobility Opportunity (IT-CDA)

Type of notice
Internal Mobility

Computing Engineer (IT-CDA-WF)

As a Computing Engineer in the Web Frameworks section, your primary responsibilities will be to:

  • Capture user needs and constraints, and perform functional analyses,
  • Developing, integrating and configuring systems, such as OpenShift/OKD and Kubernetes
  • Driving continuous improvement of existing systems and applications in close collaboration with users and external partners/suppliers. 
  • Providing user and system/application support.
  • Defining an appropriate documentation strategy and ensuring appropriate documentation exists throughout the lifecycle of the systems and services. 

You will also contribute to:

  • Managing the container based Web frameworks infrastructure including software development tools such as Gitlab and JIRA
  • Managing security of IT systems and applications.

Required skills include:

  • Experience in web and software development,
  • Experience in working with container and orchestration technologies such as Docker, OpenShift/OKD and Kubernetes.
  • Capacity management, change management, continuity and availability management of software applications.
  • Identification and selection of relevant emerging ICT technologies

Contact person: Andreas Wagner

Expiry date
Last modified
02 Oct 2019