1 New Internal Mobility Opportunity (IT-CF)

Type of notice
Internal Mobility

Computing technical engineer

The Facility Planning and Procurement (FPP) section is looking for an experienced computing technical engineer who will be given responsibility for installation, testing and hardware support of servers and storage system equipment in the CERN data centers. The function may also include providing hardware support to experiments and other departments using similar equipment. In particular, the successful candidate will run the technical acceptance testing process on IT servers and storage as well as proceed with the subsequent allocation to services; monitor the correct functioning of equipment, following up on hardware incidents and investigate hardware technology problems, enhancing part of the management and monitoring system; contribute to the section's software developments for the automation of the technical acceptance process and its integration with Openstack Ironic; provide support on hardware related incidents and follow up with contractor and manufacturers as appropriate; perform a regular market watch and meet with major ICT companies to follow market developments and new trends in the area of IT servers and storage technologies and evaluate their relevance to CERN.


  • Share responsibility for commissioning of new systems and decommissioning of the legacy ones;
  • Provide technical support on computing equipment procured by IT-CF;
  • Maintain regular contacts with end-users in LHC experiments and other collaborations;
  • Contribute to the section’s software developments related to the hardware lifecycle management and monitoring.


  • Demonstrated experience with server hardware (BIOS/UEFI, x86 processor architecture and virtualization, memory, GPU computing, IPMI, SMART, SNMP), interconnect (Ethernet, Infiniband) and types of storage drives (S-ATA, SAS, NVMe);
  • Demonstrated experience with Linux, knowledge of Windows server family is an asset;
  • Demonstrated experience with Python programming language
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Last modified
13 Dec 2018