1 New Internal Mobility Opportunity (IT-CM)

Type of notice
Internal Mobility

Monitoring Infrastructure Engineer

Main Tasks  

  • Participation to the operations, development and improvement of the Monitoring service.
  • User support on monitoring for other IT services and joining the regular support rota for the IT and WLCG users.
  • Advice and solution design to IT service managers and LHC experiments staff on the use of the unified monitoring infrastructure and of the monitoring data.
  • Daily management of the monitoring services which includes third level service user support, deployment of software packages, operation of the service with verification of performance and security.
  • Automation using Agile/DevOps tools such as Puppet to support monitoring within the standard CERN IT procedures.
  • Interaction and contribution to Open Source communities such and Grafana, Prometheus and Collectd.
  • Definition, documentation and implementation of procedures following the standards of the IT Department.
  • Close collaboration with other IT groups, departments and physics experiments at CERN.


Experience Needed  

  • Proven experience in software development, with knowledge of established open source technologies such as Collectd, Prometheus, Kafka, Spark, ElasticSearch, InfluxDB and Grafana.
  • Managing large scale server deployments in a complex environment such as OpenStack cloud services or virtualisation systems such as KVM.
  • Performing automation tasks using scripting languages such as Python and deploying services using configuration system solutions such as Puppet.
  • Analysis of performance to scale them to the monitoring infrastructure to an ever-growing world load.
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11 Dec 2019