1 New Internal Mobility Opportunity (IT-CS)

Type of notice
Internal Mobility

As a software engineer in the CS group, TR section, you will participate in developing and delivering new VoIP (Voice-over-IP) solutions for mobile and desktop devices, and notably:

  • Contributing to the design, development, deployment and maintenance of mobile and desktop softphone client applications and back-end services, interfacing them with CERN’s Asterisk-based fixed telephony services.
  • Ensuring proper integration with the CERN’s Puppet-based Agile Infrastructure and DevOps tools. 
  • Participating in daily service management: building and deployment of software packages, performance and availability monitoring, engineering-level support and computing security.
  • Producing procedures and documentation following ITIL recommendations.

The candidate should have demonstrated practical experience in several of the following areas:

  • In-depth experience developing large web-based, end-user application packages on Windows, Linux and macOS using Python, JavaScript, Java, CSS, HTML, shell scripting.
  • Extensive experience developing scalable, Linux-based, multi-tier web and back-end services using REST-based API’s/microservices; frameworks like Flask, Spring Boot, React, Electron; libraries including Redux, Node Keytar, Jest, Pytest.
  • Demonstrated experience in the software development life cycle: unit testing, continuous integration, version control.
  • Good knowledge of SQL, database systems, and their integration with Python/Java based applications.

Experience in one or more of the following would be an asset:

  • Experience in the development of VoIP client and back-end applications and/or in deploying VoIP services (Asterisk, Kamailio).
  • Experience in application testing, deployment and debugging on mobile Android/iOS environments.
  • Experience in mobile Android/iOS development tools and frameworks (Android Studio, XCode) as well as programming languages and libraries (Java, Objective-C, Swift).
  • Experience deploying services within cloud-native environments (Kubernetes / OpenShift).
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10 Aug 2020