1 New Internal Mobility opportunity in IT-CS

Type of notice
Internal Mobility

As a member of the Telecom and Radio (TR) Section in CS Group, you will participate in the development, operation and evolution of CERN’s VoIP (Voice-over-IP) telephony and IoT (Internet of Things) services. Your main functions will include:

  • contributing to the design, development, integration and maintenance of CERN’s VoIP based telephony service (CERNphone) that is based on industry-standard Open-Source components such as Asterisk, Kamailio and Flask on the server side, and Linphone and Electron / WebRTC clients on the client side.

  • contributing to the design, development, integration and maintenance of the LoRaWAN / LTE based IoT network service, built on top of ChirpStack and RabbitMQ.

  • participating in the phase-out of CERN’s legacy analogue telephony infrastructure.

  • participating in daily service management, which includes building and deployment of software packages, performance and availability monitoring, fault analysis and correction, as well as providing engineering-level support.

  • producing procedures and documentation to be used by technicians and engineers in operational activities.

The candidate should have demonstrated practical experience in several of the following areas:

  • In-depth and hands-on experience in the development, deployment and maintenance of highly-available, clustered distributed computing infrastructures based on open-source packages.

  • Experience in the development, management and operation of scalable, Linux-based, multi-tier web and back-end services within bare-metal and container virtualised environments (Docker/Openshift).

  • Demonstrated experience in the software development life cycle: unit testing, continuous integration, version control.

  • Good knowledge of SQL, database systems, and their integration with Java/Python based applications.

Experience in one or more of the following would be an asset:

  • Experience in the development of VoIP client and back-end applications, and/or in deploying VoIP services (Asterisk, Kamailio).

  • Experience in the development and operation of IoT services based on LoRaWAN and/or cellular networks.

  • Experience in developing web-based application packages on Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • Experience in application testing, deployment and debugging on mobile Android/iOS environments using Android Studio / XCode.

Contact person: G. Cancio Melia

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Last modified
22 Sep 2021