1 New Internal Mobility Opportunity (IT-ST)

Type of notice
Internal Mobility

Storage operations and support engineer (IT-ST-FDO, File and Disk Operations)

The FDO section is currently managing more than 1,500 servers with more than 60,000 disks, representing about 300 petabyte of raw storage, most notably the EOS and the Ceph services for CERN and the Worldwide LHC computing Grid (WLCG) community. 

The successful applicant should manage critical services and drive their evolution for handling future scale evolution. The position requires experience in the following areas:

  • Linux system administration (Red Hat or Centos in particular) 
  • DevOps-style operations (most notably Configuration Management and Infrastructure Automation) for large storage services
  • Diagnostic and optimisation Linux file-systems  (XFS and/or ZFS)
  • Troubleshooting  anomalies of complex C++ applications (gdb, network tools, …)
  • Service management, most notably proactive management of critical situations that impact user activities

EOS is at the centre of physics computing (notably LHC data taking) and Ceph provides the backbone of the IT cloud and support for mission-critical services (e.g. Puppet, GitLab, CERNBox and others), so out-of-working-hours interventions to respond to critical tickets may be necessary by FDO section members.

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26 Mar 2018