Diversity & Inclusion Officer (DIO)

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We are looking for two Diversity & Inclusion Officers (DIOs). The DIOs are official CERN-wide roles and support the Organization’s and the D&I Programme’s efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace environment. This includes being the main points of contact at the Department level for the 25 by '25 CERN-wide initiative. The DIOs coordinate efforts, implement actions and engage with the relevant parties inside the Department, and also at the Organization level, in order to achieve the Diversity & Inclusion targets and agenda put forward by the Department. The two DIOs work closely together and report to the Department Talent Manager for the time they dedicate to the function.

Time: 10% , on a 2-year appointment


  • Oversees the implementation and progress of the 25 by ‘25 Fitness Plan for the Department, in collaboration with the Department Head, the D&I Programme, the Department HRA and the Department Talent Manager.
  • With the support of the Department Planning Officer, ensures the Department’s nationality and gender dashboards are easily accessible and up-to-date.
  • In collaboration with the HRA and the Department Talent Manager, presents D&I-related updates to the IT Steering Committee (ITSC) twice a year.
  • Serves as a communication channel to/from the D&I Programme:
  • Promotes D&I-related learning offers, reminders, actions to Department colleagues
  • Consults with diverse groups of colleagues to gather insights on D&I progress and ideas within the Department.
  • Facilitates sharing of D&I-related ideas / challenges / feedback between the Department Head, Management Board and the D&I Programme.
  • Identifies and communicates examples of collaborative and individual D&I-related actions within the Department.
  • Attends DIO community-of-practice sessions (approx 3 times / year)
  • Participates in extended D&I Roundtable sessions (approx 3 times / year)


We are looking for someone with the following profile, demonstrated experience/skills:

  • A member of personnel with at least 2 or 3 years of membership
  • Willing and able to commit to this role for an initial duration of two years at a 10% workload, i.e. about ½ day per week on average
  • An advocate for Diversity & Inclusion matters
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Good organizational skills, able to focus on details and willing to follow a structured approach with well-defined processes and plans
  • Empathy with and willingness to understand challenges that minorities face at CERN
  • An analytical and data-driven approach when handling problems and establishing priorities

People are encouraged to discuss with their supervisor before expressing their interest in this role.

Contact: Dominique Norz

For reference: IT Internal Selection Process for Part-Time Roles

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25 Sep 2023