New opportunity for part-time (20%) Internal Mobility: ATLAS Experiment Liaison with the WLCG Team

Type of notice
Internal Mobility

ATLAS Experiment Liaison in the WLCG Operations Coordination and Experiment Liaison Team of the IT-DI-LCG Section


Liaison role between ATLAS Computing and WLCG project and CERN IT implies:

  • Ensuring effective two-way communication, covering information about ATLAS technical activities, plans, priorities and needs, cross-experiment computing activities and projects, as well as information related to WLCG operations and service evolution, reporting back to WLCG management;
  • Encouraging and initiating common cross-experiment projects and activities. Raising awareness of the impact and costs of experiment specific choices vs. common solutions, including impact on the infrastructure. Promoting common approaches to the adoption of new technologies;
  • Contributing to the experiment and WLCG operations and projects, in particular, those which require integration of the experiment frameworks with the WLCG and CERN IT services.

Liaison role requires WLCG expertise ideally combined with knowledge of ATLAS computing system as well as good interpersonal and communication skills.

Expiry date
Last modified
08 Jul 2019