Opening of an LD post in CF: Computer Hardware Engineer

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The IT department will publish soon on the CERN job portal the following Computing Engineer job:

Computer Hardware Engineer in the Computing Facilities Group (CF), Facility Planning and Procurement Section (FPP).

Are you interested in Computer Hardware? Does taking technical responsibility for procurement and deployment processes of hundreds of servers and storage systems/devices for Linux and Windows challenge you?

This is a good opportunity to join the team responsible for the 11’000 servers and 230 petabytes of disk storage currently deployed in the CERN IT Computing Facility.

You will be involved in the procurement of hundreds of servers and tens of petabytes of disk storage yearly for the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid Tier-0 centre at CERN as well as for the many services run by other groups in CERN IT and its associated remote hosting centre at the Wigner institute in Budapest, Hungary.

Also, testing and integration of new technologies such as the hardware available through the Open Compute Project (OCP, will be part of your activities.

Do you have this profile?


  • Demonstrated experience with PC server hardware (x86 processor architecture, cores, memory, BIOS) and types of disk storage (SATA, SAS, FC), with Linux & Windows, as well as with Linux shell programming and Python programming language;
  • Initial experience in contract management, in preparing specifications and negotiating with contractor's counterparts;
  • Initial experience with IPMI and SMART;
  • Knowledge and/or practical experience of OCP hardware and ideally also practical experience with such hardware;
  • Experience with competitive tenders at CERN or other publicly funded organisations is an asset.

Technical Competencies:

- Technical supervision of contract  - Technical coordination of Openlab projects with Intel and other partners

- Emerging technology monitoring Track computer hardware and software technologies, in particular from Intel, and try to match with potential usage at CERN

- User Relationship Management - Establish and maintain regular contacts with end-users in LHC experiments and other collaborations

- Application support - Assist end-user physicists in porting applications to benefit from latest technologies

- Programming/Software development - Use latest development techniques for tuning application performance

Behavioural Competencies:

- Demonstrating Accountability: Maintaining confidentiality; Working conscientiously and reliably; delivering on promises; Standing up for own opinion and actions with well substantiated arguments.

- Communicating Effectively: Providing others with timely information; Delivering presentations in a structured and clear way; adjusting style and content to the audience; responding calmly and confidently to questions; Leveraging support networks across the Organization.

- Working in Teams: Working well in groups and readily fitting into a team; participating fully and taking an active role in team activities; Building and maintaining constructive and effective work relationships; Gaining trust and collaboration from others.

- Solving Problems: Identifying, defining and assessing problems, taking action to address them; Finding the information needed to solve problems; making objective judgments based on all the facts available; Adopting a pragmatic approach; understanding the value of adopting generic rather than ‘gold -plated' technical solutions.

- Learning and Sharing Knowledge: Sharing knowledge and expertise freely and willingly with others; coaching others to ensure knowledge transfer; Actively pursuing own personal and professional development; Taking steps to expand knowledge in other areas of expertise beyond own field.

If you are attracted by this post please discuss your interest directly with Olof Barring or Wayne Salter.

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Don’t hesitate to contact our HRA, Isabel Pumares Arguelles if you have questions or comments.

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03 Feb 2017