ROLE - Computer Security Team Second Line Supporter

Type of notice

We are looking for a Computer Security Team Second Line Supporter ("GoD" - guy/girl on duty).

As a GoD you will support the CERN user community on all their questions linked to any kind of computer security matters.

You will act on the alarms issued by CERN's Security Operation Center, approve/reject opening requests to the outer perimeter firewall, and handle all SNOW tickets assigned to the Computer Security Team.

A senior security expert ("SEC") will always be at your side to advise and help.

As a successful applicant, you are:

  • A member of personnel with at least 2 or 3 years of membership and at least one year left on contract.
  • Willing and able to commit to this role for a duration of 1 and a half year at a 10% workload, i.e. about 2-3h per day during one week of rota every month (working hours rota).

You have:

  • A profund knowledge in IT technologies;
  • A comfortable understanding in computer security matters & methods;
  • A good overview of the IT services provided by CERN's IT department;
  • The following competencies: Communicating Effectively; Demonstrating Accountability; Solving Problems; Working in Teams

People are encouraged to discuss with their supervisor beforehand.

Contact: Stefan Lueders

For reference: IT Internal Selection Process for Part-Time Roles

Expiry date
Last modified
18 May 2022