ROLE - Innovation Review Board Secretary

Type of notice

One secretary will be appointed for the Innovation Review Board, the IT Department body responsible to receive and assess initial requests for innovation projects and periodically monitor the technical progress of approved projects. The Innovation Review Board Secretary reports to the Lead of Innovation for the time they dedicate to the function.


  • Liaise with project proposers and Principal Investigators to proactively understand new requests, provide guidance to create Project Charters from initial requests, gather feedback on running projects, negotiate time and content of periodic reviews
  • Identify, contact, and collect input from experts across IT and other CERN units as required by the project review needs
  • Organise input from project proposers and Principal Investigators about the process and feed it into the periodic process assessment cycles
  • Time: between 10% and 20% as a Connector. The appointments are for 2 years.


  • Defines with the Innovation Review Board Chair the content and organisation of the monthly Board Meetings
  • Engages with proposers and Principal Investigators in identifying and collecting information for new proposals and for project reviews
  • Take part with the Innovation Review Board members in the initial technical assessment of proposals and the review of ongoing project
  • Collaborates with the Business Engagement and Technical Delivery teams to prioritise initiatives in alignment with user needs
  • Engages with other Innovation Leads to manage and align proposals and projects holistically across the different innovation programmes and the organisation


  • Strong interpersonal skills. In particular:
    • Listening, empathy, tact and diplomacy
    • The ability to build relationships based on trust and respect
    • The ability to handle/defuse potentially conflicting situations
  • Ability to behave, exchange and discuss at the right level without regard to hierarchies
  • Ability to see beyond the surface of a problem to the root cause (technical or human)
  • Ability to succinctly summarise problems and clearly organise information

Contact people: Alberto Di Meglio and Maria Girone

Expiry date
Last modified
03 Jun 2022