ROLE - Team members for the CERN IT Data & Architecture Function

Type of notice

We are looking for 10-15 IT Computing Engineers to form a new CERN IT Data & Architecture Function.

The aim of the Data & Architecture Function is to lead the department toward a standard IT technical architecture, which will improve efficiency by defragmenting the service stack, enhance user experience through increased system compatibility and consistency, and ensure a consistent data management approach.

As a key step in the IT Project Lifecycle, the Architecture Review Board – comprised of members from this team alongside Security and Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery – will offer developers guidance on best practices for solution architecture, and review the compliance of new projects and major changes to existing services with the standard IT technical architecture.

As a member of this team, you will:

  • help define and maintain our standard IT technical architecture, the cohesive portfolio of standards, tools, services, and building blocks for our users and IT itself;
  • contribute to a best-practices knowledge base for IT solution architecture, which will act as a reference and practical guide for your IT colleagues on how we select or build solutions that are compatible, secure, efficient, performant, scalable, and maintainable;
  • contribute to a build vs. buy decision framework, to enable standardisation and rationalisation of solutions and services, optimising the set of resources across CERN utilising total cost of ownership for a more efficient management of resources;
  • consult with IT developers working on new projects or major changes to help them progress effectively while adhering to the best practices and data policies;
  • as a member of the Architecture Review Board in the IT project lifecycle, along with the Security lead and Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery lead, review specific products or solution architectures to ensure compliance with the standard IT architecture and compatibility with the IT service portfolio.

As a successful applicant, you are:

  • an experienced IT engineer with several years of experience in IT service design, development, and/or delivery;
  • a trusted, leading expert in your field, possessing either deep knowledge with proven excellence in one or more specializations, or through repeated demonstration of successful IT solution architecture while developing and delivering complex IT systems,
  • a motivated, innovative, and constructive IT staff member who is excited to make this new Data & Architecture Function a success,
  • capable of being an honest broker, providing constructive feedback while working in the interest of the Organization,
  • willing and able to commit to this role for a duration of 1-3 years at a 10-30% workload, depending on the size of the team and your role in the team.

For reference: IT Internal Selection Process for Part-Time Roles 

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Last modified
18 May 2022