Short-term Internal mobility opportunity in IT-CDA

Type of notice
Internal Mobility

In the context of the MALT project, we are opening a short-term internal mobility opportunity in the MALT mail team, considered of strategic importance to the department:

  • The motivation for this is the reinforcement of the mail team to achieve the goal of building an open source mail service that fits the organization requirements in terms of size and functionality, to deploy it in production including user migration, and that fulfils all IT standards to be considered a fully operational production service.
  • Eligibility: CERN Staff in the IT department

You will work in the mail team to replace the present Microsoft based mail infrastructure by an open source based solution. The mail service Provides Electronic Mail Services to all CERN Users 18k users, 40k mailboxes and 60TB of data). Service includes sending and receiving mails, storing them with safe backup/restore procedures, filtering spam and viruses, providing access to mailboxes using standard mail protocols and a Web interface, support mail clients configuration connection to set up the parameters, personal mailboxes for sending and receiving mail, personal and group calendars.

  • Contributing to the design, implementation, testing and deployment in production of mail services based on Open-Source solutions
  • Participating to the phase-out of the present mail infrastructure and its replacement
  • Ensuring the proper integration of these services within IT’s service infrastructure(e.g.  Puppet-based Agile Infrastructure and DevOps tools)
  • Being responsible for change management in the mail service and towards the users: identifying dependencies and operational risks, breaking big changes down to smaller iterative steps and automating how they are managed, communicate and lead the users into the new service.
  • Producing procedures and documentation following the ITIL recommendations to be used by technicians and engineers in operational activities.
  • Interfacing with users to understand requirements, supporting them in early pilot deployments, and helping them in the migration.

Required skills include:

  • Experience in designing and running services using CERN IT tools (Puppet, Openstack, Openshift)
  • In-depth and hands-on experience in the development, deployment and maintenance of highly-available, clustered distributed computing infrastructures based on open-source packages.
  • Experience in the management and operation of scalable, Linux-based, multi-tier web and back-end services.
  • Proven experience in the field of complex systems integration involving legacy systems.

Additional experience in one or more of the following areas would be an asset:

  • Good knowledge of SQL, database systems, and their integration with Java/Python based applications.
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Last modified
26 Aug 2020