Welcome to your new IT website!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the new IT website on 10 April 2012!

The aim is to replace many of the existing (and often out-dated) IT sites, and in particular the information content will be actively managed. Content editors have been identified, and have an active responsibility to maintain their pages.

It will take some time to move some of the asociated websites into the new structure, but we believe that deploying the new site now will already bring benefits.

Structure of the site

You will see that the site has been separated IT Staff content from User content. This is to ensure that the right information is clearly targeted to the appropriate audience.

This 'Noticeboard' page that you see directly under 'For IT Staff' will contain administrative and informative notices for staff (eg news relating to travel, meetings, department-wide socials etc).

The rest of the site should be fairly intuitive.

We hope this new site responds better to your needs and helps you find what you want, faster. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback - it will help us improve the site to help you. There is a Feedback link at the bottom of the page; alternatively e-mail it-webmaster@cern.ch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Bonne lecture...

Cath Noble, Tim Bell, Greg Timofiejew and the content editors

Last modified
30 Mar 2012