Financial Administration

For all financial matters, your contact in IT is Valentina Clavel


Follow-up of invoices for the IT department: all invoices must pass by Valentina.


Administrative support concerning 'X' (maintenance) and 'S' (service) contracts:

  • For renewal, cancellation or change (addition or reduction) of all or part of a contract, inform her: she will take the necessary action
  • OSVCs have to be created by her: do not create a DAI when it concerns purchase and support on an 'X' contract


The invoices which allow us to collect funds in the framework of project (subsistences), an event, a sale or a research study should be issued by Valentina.
Pass on to her any useful information (address, person to contact, title, budget code)


If you need to transfer funds from a CERN code to a Team code, contact her with the relevant information, she will take the necessary action.


If you would like to make a modification, to cancel an unused open-commitment, to move a commitment, to use another budget code, contact Valentina.


Please communicate to Valentina:

- all donations received (PCs, servers, screens)
- all donations (PCs, servers, screens) to another Department 
- all equipment (PCs, servers, screens) sent to the Recuperation and Sales Service

In the event of theft of PC, portable PC, screen, a copy of the theft report must be sent to her.

At the end of their contracts, if their laptop is more than 5 years old, people have the possibility to buy them. The procedure is detailed here.