Business Engagement Manager and Secretary

One manager and one secretary will be appointed for each of the main communities and/or sectors, such as the Accelerators and Technology Sectors, the Research and Computing Sector, the Finance and Human Resources sector, and the International Relationships. The Business Engagement Managers and Secretaries report to the Lead of Business Engagement for the time they dedicated to the function.


  • Lead engagement with user groups to proactively understand demand, provide guidance, gather feedback on existing services and understand evolving needs
  • Identify shared dependencies across user groups as an input when defining the innovation and projects roadmaps and service enhancements
  • Feed inputs from user groups to collaboratively define innovation roadmap with Functional entities
  • Time: between 10% and 30% (depending on the role and the sector) as a Connector. The appointments are for 2 years.


  • Represents IT in technical working groups for designated sectors, building and maintaining a strong relationship
  • Jointly engages IT and designated sectors to establish and maintain multi-annual roadmaps of services and projects
  • Collates feedback on existing services and understands requirements for enhancements / innovations to manage and prioritise demand
  • Provides technical advice and facilitates engagement between designated departments and IT
  • Collaborates with Innovation and Technical Delivery teams to prioritise initiatives in alignment with user needs
  • Engages with other Business Engagement Managers to manage and align user needs holistically across the organisation


  • Strong interpersonal skills. In particular:
    • Listening, empathy, tact and diplomacy
    • The ability to build relationships based on trust and respect
    • The ability to handle/defuse potentially conflicting situations
  • Ability to behave, exchange and discuss at the right level without regard to hierarchies
  • Ability to see beyond the surface of a problem to the root cause (technical or human)
  • Ability to succinctly summarise problems

Contact persons: Simone Campana and Xavier Espinal

For reference: IT Internal Selection Process for Part-Time Roles