Screen displays

These are the animations which are available at the Data Centre VisitPoint screen

Most animations are stored in CDS.

  Description 'Quick link' to CDS
CERN Intro

Generic look at what CERN does, the LHC and the detectors (not computing-specific).

"Data Deluge" 


Path of the data from Detectors to Data Centre, and then to the world via the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid

Events to Triggers:

To the Data Centre:

Data Centre:


Data Reconstruction

NB Sub-chapter accessible only via "Data Deluge". Demonstrates what data reconstruction is and how it's used to make discoveries.
"Byte to PetaByte"

Explanation of computing units byte, kilobyte up to 100 Petabytes. Visitors often can't comprend the volumes of data involved - this animation explains all.

History of tape, CPU and networking

A multimedia glance at the the history and evolution of computing at CERN since the 1960's. Screen content is tied in with the display objects.

Display not available online. However the archive videos used are available in CDS - ask Cath Noble for info.
Computing Evolution

An animated timescale of how computing technology has increased massively in power and capacity since our first computer.

(here is an alternative version, not used in DCVP: )

Virtual tour of the DC

For visits that will not enter the Data Centre. Overview of electrical supply, cooling, storage and networking.

Display not available online