Suggested tour

There is plenty of material available to provide a custom tour, depending on your speciality. 

The Data Deluge animation is an excellent one to use, as this explains the path of the data from the detectors out to the worldwide grid, and provides the CERN/physics context of what role computing plays.

Depending on your audience, you may also wish to show 'Bits & Bytes", which explains the units and volumes of data CERN deals with.


This is what we suggest for the time being. This is at least 20 minutes - can be easily stretched to more.

  • Seat visitors
  • Show 'Data Deluge' - explaining the path of the data.
  • Get visitors to come up to the screen - no closer than 1-metre otherwise they start to interfere with the infra-red. Don't let them touch the screen.
    • Switch screen to transparent (big theatrical moment!)
    • Point out CIXP in particular, explain this is an immense hub for the region's internet connectivity and we have direct cables from there to all the Tier-1s across the world
  • Bring their attention to the History Objects, you could start a mini-tour of the objects, or just answer questions - however the group mood is running (see Display Objects for more details).